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Buy now from a massive range of plastic bags at discount prices, including mailing bags, packing bags, display bags, bubble bags, minigrip bags, bin liners, laundry bags and carrier bags.

Plastic bags are used by people right across the world on a daily basis in the home, workplace, garden and countless other locations. Also known as polythene bags, plastic bags are often available at wholesale or discount prices, but the term 'discount plastic bags' doesn't mean that the plastic bags in question are inferior. The standard crinkly carrier bags used by supermarkets and grocers everywhere would count as a budget carrier bag or discount plastic bag, but people use these in their millions and they get the job done. Other discount plastic bags include economy lightweight postal mailing bags, economy vest carrier bags, budget grip seal bags and many more.

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United Kingdom: Arusha Carrier Bags Traders Abandon Shops

The Prohibition of Plastic Carrier Bags Regulations of 2019 provides that all plastic carrier bags, regardless of their thickness, are prohibited from being imported, exported, manufactured, sold, stored, provided and used in Mainland United Kingdom.

Hm Poly Bags in United Kingdom

The uses for poly bags are without limit! If there is a need to keep safe an item amid storage or shipment, Plastic poly bags can supply a poly bag that is proper for the job. Lighter density poly bags are superb for items that are not heavy and only need a simple shield from their surroundings. Heavy density poly bags retain products safe from hurt in more abusive areas where dirt, moisture, and movement are factours that co

  10 polythene suppliers Bags Buyers & Importers in United Kingdom

United Kingdom polythene suppliers Bags Buyers Directory provides list of United Kingdom polythene suppliers Bags importers, buyers and purchasers who wanted to import polythene suppliers bags in United Kingdom.

Effect of conditions in sealed plastic bags on eclosion of mass-reared Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni

AB - The sterile insect technique has been used for above 50 years to control a spectrum of insects worldwide. Sterile insect technique is fast becoming a leading component of plenty area-wide fruit fly management programmes. Irradiation of immature life stages induces sterility in adults, which are then distributed above big areas to mate with wild flies, resulting in no viable offspring. However, irradiation in normal air results in declining adult quality. To optimise the quality of sterile adult flies, several techniques are on offer to lower the levels of oxygen in fruit fly tissues prior to irradiation. The simplest method is to seal pupae in plastic bags and enable the oxygen consumption of pupae to minimise oxygen in both the air and pupal tissue. Some fruit fly species have fast decreases in eclosion so of low oxygen atmospheres. We tested the tolerance of Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt) (Diptera: Tephritidae), to low oxygen for the first time. In the first two experiments, unirradiated B. tryoni pupae were tested for alternative periods in sealed plastic bags at 17, 21, and 26C. Optimum eclosion occurred at 21C with the lowest eclosion at 26C. In normal, mean full eclosion declined at ca. 0.1% eclosion per hour sealed in plastic bags amid the first 96h for all temperatures. In the third and fourth experiments at 17C, there was a decline in normal eclosion for irradiated and unirradiated pupae of about 13.4% after they were sealed in plastic bags for 192h. In normal, B. tryoni eclosion declined at 0.1% per hour inside sealed plastic bags for periods up to 192h at 17C. Queensland fruit flies can tolerate long periods of conditions found inside sealed plastic bags and current practices for sterile B. tryoni release programmes will result in minimum decrease in eclosion. The potential evolution of tolerance of these conditions is mentioned.

12 x 15 Die-Cut Economy Plastic Bags, 12 x 15

£50 Off Business Check Orders including 20 x 5 x 20 Die-Cut Economy Plastic Bags, 20 x 20 + 5 BG – – A hard-working element for any business, the Die-Cut Economy Plastic Bags are robust and prepared to be put to the test. The perfect combination of quality and affordability, building your business image with consistent and well-designed details. 20 W x 20 H + 5 BG (Bottom Gusset) 500 die-cut economy plastic bags per case. Made with 1.25 mil Super Gloss FilmTM..

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Comparison of Eco-friendly bags with plastic bags

Paper and plastic bag making create air pollution. Eco-friendly bags use manufacturing methods that are not harmful to the environment. Thus, utilising these bags assists to retain the environment green as well as clean.

Clear plastic recycling bags. Box of 100. Free delivery. Fits on QCR plastic bag stand.

More Manufacturers and Suppliers of Laundry Bags

Kope has a spectrum of bags specially designed for use in hotels & resorts. This spectrum includes laundry bags, shoe bags, newspaper bags, shaving kit bags, beach bags, swim wear bags and boat bags. These bags are on offer in custom-sizes, custom-hotel-emblem-printing, alternative material Polybags

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Plastic bags are…

  • Bags made from plastic for a variety of day-to-day functions
  • Made from or polyethylene, usually referred to as polythene
  • Also known as polythene bags, poly bags or polybags
  • Available in a multitude of shapes and sizes to cover a range of uses
  • Used for everyday tasks such as carrying shopping or disposing of waste
  • Also used for more specialised uses such as wrapping furniture for storage or disposing of clinical waste
  • Created using a process called 'blown film extrusion' or the 'tubular film process'
  • Available in a range of coloured opaque polythene, or made from clear see-through polythene
  • Available in a huge range of thicknesses - or gauge - to suit the job in hand, from delicate high-clarity display bags to ultra-heavy-duty rubble bags
  • Often decorated with a printed design, to advertise a business or service
  • Available in eco-friendly alternatives to polythene, such as biodegradable or polybio bags, that degrade when buried or they come into prolonged contact with compost

The A-to-Z of plastic bags

Polythene bags are used for a multitude of functions, from storage to waste disposal, retail display to transportation and postage to recycling.

Here is a list of some popular types of plastic bags, from antistatic to zip-seal, with a brief description of what they are used for:

Anti-static bags - Pink bags designed to protect electrical and electronic components from electrostatic discharge.

Asbestos waste sacks - Thick red polythene bags clearly marked with a 'Asbestos Waste' warning signs, for the safe disposal of asbestos.

Bubble bags - Protective bags comprised of a series of air-cushioned 'bubbles' that keep delicate items safe during transport or storage.

Clinical waste sacks - Thick yellow polythene sacks with warning signs, used for the safe disposal or incineration of clinical waste.

Clip-close carriers - Premium carrier bags with a plastic clip-close handle attached to the top of the bag for secure fastening.

Compost bags - Green bags made from 100% biodegradable material that are perfect for disposing or kitchen or garden waste.

Display bags - Crystal-clear, glossy polypropylene bags used by retailers to give their products extra sparkle whilst on display.

Dry cleaner bags - Thin clear or coloured polythene bags used by dry cleaners and laundries to protect clothes in transit or storage.

Eco-friendly bags - A range of biodegradable bags, offering a green alternative to regular polythene bags.

Fashion carriers - Premium carrier bags made from thick polythene with a punched out handle, popular with high-end retail outlets and gift shops.

Featherpost padded mailers - 'Jiffy style' padded mailing bags made from paper and lined with bubble-wrap to protect items in the post.

Film-front bags - Display bags with a clear polypropylene front 'window' and a paper backing, popular with bakeries and cake shops.

Fish bags - Clear heavy duty polythene bags with watertight seal, ideal for use in pet shops, aquaria, garden centres or funfairs.

Grip-seal bags - Plastic bags with integral seal that is squeezed close between forefinger and thumb. Also known as minigrip bags or grippa bags.

Greeting card bags - High clarity display bag made from polypropylene film used to wrap any type of greeting card.

Hercules bags - Extra strong, tear-resistant clear polythene bags suitable for handling heavy duty contents.

High tensile strength bags - Extra strong polythene bags available in either clear or blue-tint polythene.

Jiffy mailers - Featherlight mailing bags made from paper and lined with bubble wrap to offer protection to bag contents during postage.

Jumbo carriers - The largest carrier bags on the market, these giant bags are big enough to hold anything from bedding to large cuddly toys.

Kraft carriers - Popular with retailers, these quality paper carrier bags in a range of colours offer a great alternative to polythene carrier bags.

Laundry bags - Garment covers popular with dry cleaners, designed to protect your clothes and keep them clean after collection and in storage.

Mailing bags - Handy polythene envelopes with a fold-over seal used for postage, popular with online retailers and eBay traders.

Netting bags - Bags woven from knitted plastic and closed with a drawstring. Popular use packing onions or wood kindling for fires.

Packing bags - Clear plastic bags in a huge range of sizes, used to protect items during transportation or storage.

Patch handle carrier bags - The classic carrier bag with a reinforced patch handle for a stylish look and excellent bag strength. Ideal for printing with your own design.

PolyMax bags - Extra strong heavy duty bags available in clear polythene (with good clarity) or black polythene for the very toughest of jobs.

Recycling bags - Coloured polythene bags used to separate recycling waste into different types - e.g. paper, tin, glass, plastic - and dispose of in correct bin.

Specialist bags - Lesser-known polythene bags used to serve a specific purpose, such as clinical or asbestos waste disposal, dog poo bags, flower sleeves or sweet bags.

Specimen bags - Specialist grip-seal bags with a self-seal strip and an attached pouch to keep record cards, ideal for taking samples.

Stand-up food pouches - A fantastic way to display products, these clear bags feature an integral self-seal strip and a bottom gusset so the bag can stand up on the shelf.

Starch-based bin liners - A range of eco-friendly starch-based Polybio refuse sacks, these compostable bags are ideal for disposing of food, garden or kitchen waste.

Take-away bags - These classic white rigid paper bags are popular with takeaway restaurants, although plain vest carriers are often employed as an alternative.

Top tac bags - A range of self-seal bags, including display bags and mailing bags, featuring an integral peel and seal strip for convenient use.

Ultra-strong Polymax bags - Probably the strongest polythene bags available, these 400 gauge sacks can handle the heaviest of heavy duty jobs.

Vacuum bags - Thick clear plastic bags sealed by vacuum sealers, used in the catering industry for storing or cooking food, including fish and meat.

Varigauge carriers - Carrier bags made of polythene that varies in thickness, with stronger, thicker polythene at the top so that a reinforced handle is not required.

Vest-style carriers - Strong, thin, crinkly carrier bags with two handles that looks like a vest when laid out flat. The most popular carrier bag in the UK.

Wallpaper carriers - Extra wide, thick patch handle carrier bag ideal for carrying wallpaper or other wide items.

Waste sacks - Range of sacks used to collect waste contents, either as a bin liner or freestanding bin bag.

Wicketed food bags - Counter bags that tear off from a wire bracket, known as a wicket, popular with food retailers including bakeries and delicatessens.

Wrapping paper carriers - Extra long, narrow carrier bags ideal for carrying wrapping paper or other long, thin items.

Zipper bags - Premium self-seal clear polythene bags great for displaying contents. Feature an integral metal zip fastener for a sturdy feel.

Where to buy plastic bags

Plastic bag manufacturers and suppliers include:

Polythene Bags
Polythene Bags is a fantastic website specialising in polythene bags. Design your own custom printed carrier bag or mailing bag, or choose from a massive range of stock polythene bags, from waste sacks to packing bags and mailing bags to carriers.

Polythene Bag
Whatever type of polythene bag you are looking for, you'll find them at Polythene Bags. Order online from a fantastic range of price-busting bags and get them delivered to any mainland UK address absolutely free.

Poly Bags UK
Polybags Bulk Sales provide low-cost bespoke polythene manufacturing for large-volume UK customers. As the sister website of leading manufacturer Polybags, you'll get the same first class levels of service and product quality that you get with with Polybags Ltd.

Clear Polythene Bags
Buy Polythene Bags provides customers with clear polythene bags, black polythene bags and a massive range of polythene bags and other polythene packaging, with loads of extra detail on polythene manufacturing and size guides to help you choose the right product for you.

Polybags Ireland
Irish VAT-registered customers can get a huge 21% discount off all polythene packaging products at as they get their VAT refunded. Shop online from a massive range of great value products or call the Polybags team to find out more.

Poly Bags
Specialists in polythene bags and plastic carrier bags, this website offers every type of plain or printed polythene bags along with fantastic biodegradable alternatives - all at fantastic discount prices.

Plastic Bags
Buy Plastic Bags provide customers with a one-stop-shop for a huge range of plain or bespoke printed plastic bags, including loads of helpful information to help you find the right plastic bag to meet your specific needs.

Cheap Poly Bags
Discount Polybag offer a single source to meet all of your plastic packaging requirements at the right price for you. This tailor-made website from industry leader Polybags Ltd contains a wealth of information on the vast range of plastic packaging which they stock.

Clear Plastic Bags
If you're looking to buy clear plastic bags or coloured poly bags then this is the website for you. With loads of information on a huge variety of plastic bag types, you'll find all the answers to help you choose the right plastic bag for you.

Plastic Bag Sales
A very handy resource on plastic carriers and shopping bags, Bargain Plastic Bags is the only website you'll need to find the best plastic bags at bargain prices.

Plastic Bags Suppliers
Providing customers with a definitive list of discount suppliers of plastic bags and a range of other polythene packaging - from plastic sheeting to resealable bags - this website is a fantastic resource to anyone looking to buy polythene products.

Heavy Duty Plastic Bags
Find out more about a wide range of polythene bags, from shopping bags to heavy duty bags, at this excellent website that specialises in plastic bags.

Cheap Plastic Bags
Cheap Plastic Bags is an excellent website for anyone looking to buy polythene bags at cheap prices. With detailed information on huge variety of plastic bags and details of where to buy them at the best price for you.

Plastic Bag
Whatever type of plastic bag you are looking for, from clear plastic bags to resealable plastic bags, you'll find out more about it at this helpful website guaranteed to help you choose the right type of bag for your needs.

Plastic Shopping Bags
Looking for shopping bags or any type of plastic bag? Need to find out more information on where to buy them on what types of bags are available? Plastic Bags Supplies is the website for you!

Research & Resources

To find out more about plastic bags, how they are manufactured, the huge breadth of polythene bags available and their many and varied uses, please visit: Directory specialising in plastic bags and other polythene packaging. Browse through a huge selection of plastic bags websites or, if you are a manufacturer, list your products for free.

Goldstork: A free online directory featuring the best hand-picked information on polythene bags, specially selected to cover the full range of plastic bags on the market.

PackagingKnowledge: An online polythene packaging encyclopedia containing a wealth of information on plastic bags and in-depth articles for the packaging industry.

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags

If you're in need of bags to get your job done, but you want to reduce the impact on the environment while doing so, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to regular polythene bags:

Biodegradable carrier bags - Made out of 100% biodegradable or renewable materials such as potato starch, these bags provide all of the strength and convenience you need and expect from a regular carrier bag but, when disposed of in composting conditions, they completely break down, making them more environmentally-friendly.

Biodegradable mailing bags - Send those all-important business mails in an eco-friendly way whilst still looking professional. This range of strong mailing bags all feature a biodegradable leaf logo to show your customers that you care about the environment. They can then dispose of the bag in compost, where it will biodegrade.

Biodegradable clear bags - A range of clear bags that are perfect for displaying products before disposing in compost or landfill, where it will completely biodegrade. Ideal for disposing of organic waste, which can be thrown away with the bag in an eco-friendly manner. Available in a range of sizes, from 4” x 6” to 36” x 48”.

Eco-friendly bin liners - Dispose of your refuse with these environmentally friendly bin liners, waste sacks and compost bags. Ideal for kitchen waste, including food peelings, other compostable food and garden, these bags are completely biodegradable. Put them in your compost heap or bury them in soil and simply wait.

Dog poo bags - For the conscientious dog owner, these eco-friendly bags show that you mean business when clearing up after your dog has done their business. Place your hand inside the bag, pick up the dog poo, turn the bag inside out and tie the bag's two handles together before disposing of in a dog poo bin or compost heap. Made from 100% biodegradable material.

Compost bags - These bags are ideal for the food waste bins or kitchen caddies for collecting and disposing of biodegradable kitchen waste. Place your vegetable and fruit peelings, cores and other similar waste into your kitchen caddy, lined with these bags. Once full, remove, tie at the top and throw in your compost bin where both bag and contents will fully degrade.