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Display bags

Buy from a huge range of crystal clear display bags and high-clarity polypropylene film to make any retail product sparkle.

Display bags are...

  • Used by retailers to display a wide range of products
  • Crystal clear in appearance
  • Capable of adding sparkle to any product on display
  • Made from polypropylene film, which is similar to cellophane but with higher clarity, as well as being both stronger and cheaper
  • Great at keeping food fresh and offering protection from dirt and dust
  • Strong and perfectly able to withstand the handling of customers
  • Also known as retail bags, polypropylene bags or polyprop bags
  • Available in a range of styles to suit a variety of products and the display setup, including card bags, header bags, film front bags and sweet bags
  • Available in a range of sizes and in clear or patterned film
  • Made from the same material as other display products, including clear wrapping film and flower sleeves
  • Used by a range of retailers from huge department stores to small independents and boutique shops
  • The perfect way to make any product sparkle!

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Make your products sparkle

Crystal clear display bags are guaranteed to make your products sparkle. Any retailer who wants to show off their products in the best possible light should get hold of some of these high clarity display bags and let them dazzle customers.

The best display bags are made from polypropylene - a plastic-based material similar in appearance to cellophane but with a number of advantages.

Why choose polypropylene ahead of cellophane?

Whilst cellophane and polypropylene look similar at first glance, polypropylene is the superior product and the better choice for your display bags for a number of reasons, outlined below.

Compared to cellophane, polypropylene is:

  • Clearer
  • Stronger
  • Less likely to crease
  • Cheaper
  • More eco-friendly to manufacture

As polypropylene is a plastic-based material and cellophane is a paper-based material, polypropylene has a higher clarity, giving a better sheen to products on display.

A stronger material than cellophane, polypropylene makes sturdier, better quality display bags, which creases less, meaning your products look better on the shelf and are less affected by customers handling them.

Although polypropylene is plastic-based and cellophane is paper-based - and therefore biodegradable - polypropylene is actually more eco-friendly to manufacture than cellophane due to the polluting effects of carbon disulfide and other by-products created in the process of making viscose, which is used to make cellophane.

Despite all of this, polypropylene is cheaper than cellophane, so you can afford even more high clarity, strong, crease-resistant, eco-friendly display bags for the same price!

Choosing the display bag for you

Display bags come in many shapes and sizes and cater for a vast range of products, making them a firm favourite with a wide variety of retailers.

Here is a brief description of some of the more popular display bags, all made from crystal clear polypropylene film, to help you choose the right one for you:

Display bags for greeting cards

Glossy card bags present any type of greeting card in the best possible way, adding a shiny clear coating to the outside of the card and accompanying envelope, meaning it positively glistens on the shelf.

Available as a premium version - with integral sealing strip - or budget version - with adhesive disks available - and both in a range of sizes. Suitable for birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards, engagement cards, get well soon cards, new baby cards, new house cards, thank you cards, congratulations cards, ‘sorry you’re leaving’ cards and good luck cards.

Display bags for sweets

Everyone loves sweets and everyone loves walking into a sweet shop and being surrounded by sweets, with chocolate, sweets and candy all lined up beautifully on the shelves and counters, just calling you to buy them.

One of the reasons these sweets have such appeal is the crystal clear display bags that many of them are displayed in. Made from a white backing sheet with a high clarity polypropylene film front, these fantastic display bags are used by retailers to display a range of tasty treats and even small non-edible items.

Resealable stand-up pouches

A relative newcomer to the display bag scene, stand up pouches are perfect for displaying your products neatly on a shelf or counter top, thanks to a wide gusseted base offering more stability and ensuring they won’t tip over while on display.

Available in crystal clear film to give a brilliant display from any angle, or with a metallic back sheet and crystal clear front to give your display some extra shine, both types of bags feature a double-sealing option. You can either close the bags with a resealable strip that you simply press to close, or you seal with a heat sealer.

Available in a huge range of sizes - from 150ml to 4l - to cater for a wide variety of products, but is particularly suited to food products, due to the freshness provided by the resealable pouch.

Where to buy display bags

Display bag manufacturers and suppliers include:

Cellophane Bags
Make your products sparkle with display bags from Discount Cellophane Bags. Their fantastic range of bags and covers are all made from high-clarity polypropylene, which is superior to cellophane but is also cheaper.

Clear Plastic Bags
If you're looking for clear plastic bags to improve your retail display, then get yourself to this specialist display bag website, which compares cellophane and polypropylene to give you the full lowdown and help you choose the correct display bag for you.

Polypropylene Bags
The best display bags are made from polypropylene - a high-clarity, stronger and cheaper alternative to cellophane. This website specialises in polypropylene bags, so if you're looking for display bags at discount prices, this is the website for you!

Card Bags
Greetings Card Bags provides the complete lowdown on high clarity card bags, including a handy size guide, the reasons for choosing polypropylene covers and details on eco-friendly alternatives.

Flower Sleeves
This website specialises in flower sleeves, with a range of sizes available to cater for everything from a single stem rose to a massive bouquet. If you need flower sleeves to wrap your flowers - and who doesn't? - then take a visit to this handy and helpful site.

Greeting Card Bags
Website giving customers all the information they'll need on choosing the right greeting card bags for any occasion and all manner of greetings, whilst helping them find them at the right discount price.

Research & Resources

To find out more about display bags, including how polypropylene products are manufactured, what it is used for and its advantages over cellophane, please visit:

Goldstork: This extensive online directory features specialist hand-picked information and carefully selected websites featuring a wide range of display bags and film products.

PackagingKnowledge: This number one polythene packaging resource is a firm favourite within the industry and features detailed articles and in-depth information on display bags and other polypropylene products. Browse through a huge selection of specialist display bags websites on this popular polythene packaging directory, where retailers post product listings for free.

Other display bags

Other glossy display bags used by retailers to help show off their products include header bags, multi-purpose retail display bags, clothing display bags, film front bags and patterned bags.

Alternatively, you can use polypropylene film straight off the roll to wrap your items in whatever way you wish. This is particularly handy for large or difficult-to-wrap items that you want to display with some added sparkle.

One product that lends itself to wrapping in such a way is a bunch of flowers, which is why polypropylene film is used to make special flower sleeves - see below for more details.

Display wrap for flowers

Flowers are a lovely gift to give and receive. They are used to tell people you love them, that you’re happy for them, thinking of them or just to cheer them up.

A bouquet of flowers looks great not only because of the beautiful appearance of the flowers themselves, or the skill of the florist in arranging the flowers, but also because of the beautiful appearance in the bouquet.

The best way to get your bouquet looking great is to wrap them in a flower sleeve - a specially designed sleeve of high clarity polypropylene film to really make the flowers shine.

Flowers sleeves are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the size and number of flowers being wrapped - all sold in handy batches for easy counter-top use and storage - so, whether you need to wrap a single rose or a 40-stem bouquet, make sure your bunch of flowers says ‘I love you’ with a crystal clear flower sleeve around it.